The photo above is at the Main Stage.  Bring your own lawn chair for your own comfort


10 STAGES of entertainment!41st Annual National Old Time Country Bluegrass and Old-Time Folk Music Festival, and Pioneer Expo of Arts & Crafts and Rural Lifestyle - Aug 29-Sept 4, 2016 from 9am-midnight on ten stages.  Over 450 performers ADMISSION: $15 per day (Mon-Thur) $20 per day (Fri-Sun) per person, under 17 free: 7-day special gate pass $75.  Special RV camping with electricity only $15 per day: 50/30/20 amp hookups, first come/first serve. Without electricity $10 per day.  Daily car parking is $2.  Great food on grounds.

712-762-4363 office --- 712-249-5989 cell

Give us a buzz, we'll try to answer all your questions!

We are already booking some terrific acts for the 2016 festival. Not etched in concrete, but this is what it's looking like for 2016!

 "Buffalo Gals " a 6-person band from England, plays great American old-time music.  They are going to be with us for three days

"Johnny Lee" "Looking for love in all the wrong places" hit recording artist.

"Yellow Belly Sapsuckers" an authentic 'hillbilly' group, like something you've not seen or heard for a very long time.

 "Jacob Austin Band" from Texas are signed on, a very gifted group and very popular, great old-time and great gospel, with us all week.

"Johnny Counterfeit" one of the best known and most successful country music super-star impersonator performing today.

"T.J. Casey" from Montana, a true cowboy who also does 'Cowboy Church' on Sunday

"Terry Smith" from Nashville, a rare different kind of songwriter who composed "Far Side Banks of Jordan" for Johnny & June Carter Cash. One of our most popular acts in the upper Midwest.

"Cowboy Joe Babcock" from Hee Haw, the guy who wrote "I Washed My Hands In Muddy Waters," for Stonewall Jackson

"Wade Jackson" Stonewall Jackson's brother, star of the Grand Ole Opry and one of the better USO country-performers for the military.

"Dale Eichor" Our best traditional/classic country DJ, hosting his own programs on KWMT-Fort Dodge Radio.  Super singer and MC to boot.

We count on our very good local and regional entertainers to help us keep the festival going.  We'll also be letting you know who the celebs are, it takes a good 7 months to get it all arranged.  Come be with us early, and stay late, at one of the most unique and entertaining festivals functioning in America today! 

Celebrities for 2015:

Roni & Donna Stoneman, Terry Smith, Tn, Don King, Tn, Jerre Haskew (Cumberland Trio and owner of Guild Guitars), Tn, Red Johnson (just had one of his songs on NCIS nationally on CBS) Mn, Glenn Tubb (Ernest Tubb's nephew), Tn, Anita Bryant, Ok, Rex Allen Jr., Az, Wade & Teresa Landry, Branson, Mo, James Adelsberger, Va, Jacob Austin Band, Tx, Tommy Buller & Frankie Carter, Tn, Mark Brine, Md, Aspen Black, Va, Helen & Ian Braithwaite, New Zealand, Randy Barlow, Tn, Matt Boone, Tn, Tom Campbell, Tn, Stew Clayton, Canada, Billy Chernoff, British Columbia, Dolly Susan Crowe, New Zealand, T J Casey, Mt, Don Diemer, Co, Bob Duff, Ca, Ed Gary, Az, Mary Harris, Ks, Butch Heath, Mi, Greg Hager, ND, Don & Connie House, Az, Kristyn Harris, Tx, Francis Hahn, Ia, Lucy Jackson, Ar, Lyle Johnson and his Big Deal Band, Mo, The Knight Family, Tn, The Kenaston Family, Ne, Roy King, SD, Lex K, Australia, Margie LeBlanc, Tx, Joni Morris, Ca, Rodney Morss, IlJoe Morrison, SD, Gary McKiver, Mi, John & Susan McNeil, SD, Ted & Alice Miller, Ne, Ohio River Minstrels, Oh, Brian Nelson, Ks, Julia Neville, Tn, Phil Nusbaum, Mn, Onion Creek Cloggers, Ia, Purdy River Bluegrass Band, Ia, Brenda Kaye Perry, Fl, Taylor Pie, Tn, Art Peterson, Ca, Maria Petersen, Germany, Jack Radcliffe, Ms, Harry Rusk, Canada, Betty Rydell, Mn, Wally Sanderson, Australia, Hilary Scott, Mo, Angie Senger, Mn, Andy Stanley, Mi, Dennis Stroughmatt, II, Tom Smith, Tn, Storm Seymour, Ia, Twang, Ar, Mike Thoma, Ia, Ronnie Jay Wheeler, Ok, Michael T. Wall, Newfoundland, Bernie Worrell, Fl, Barry Ward, Co, Gordon Wilcox, Canada, Tanner Young, Oklahoma


Monday - 9pm - Learn how to 'line dance'

Tuesday - 9pm - Fantastic traditional old-time 'Polka Party' with special

     guest accordionists

Wednesday - 9pm - Merlyn Hansen's Midnight Riders classic country dance

Thursday - 8pm - John McNeil's Old Time Twenties Dance

     10pm - Classic Country Dance with Bobby Awe & Dale Eichor

Friday - 9pm - Old-Time Barn Dance - Onion Creek Band & Cloggers followed with an Old Time Prairie Dance with the Kenaston Family at 10pm

Saturday - 10pm - Old Time Prairie Dance - the Kenaston Family

AN AUTOHARP GATHERING (First of it's kind, all harpists welcome)

     Dorothy Techau (One of Iowa's down-home players)

     Shirley McCord (Keyboards and Autoharp from Iowa)

     Liz Austin (Gospel music on the Autoharp from Texas

THE BOSTON SHOW (Hosted by Connie House from Boston)

We have a number of performers coming from Boston as well as Massachusetts, should be an exciting program headed up by Connie House


Rex Allen, Jr. - the last of the 'Cowboy Western Singers'

Barry Ward (Elbert, Co - WMA's Cowboy Western Singer of the Year)

Rich Bellert  (Cowboy poet extraordinare from Minn. MC's a delightful program) 

Ron Affolter (Lonesome Ron from Minnesota)

Francis Hahn (western songwriter for House of Cash)

Greg Hager (A North Dakota cowboy country & western performer)

T. J. Casey (Known as the Montana Singing Cowboy)

Betty Rydell (Minnesota's Cowboy's Sweetheart)

Abe Reddekopp (Kansas City, Missouri)

DULCIMER GATHERING (all welcome, lap and hammer)

Down Home Dulcimers, Silver City, Iowa

Marilyn Prien, Iowa

Dorothy Techau, Iowa

Gail Dooley, Iowa


Wade Landry (Amazing Cajun Fiddler from Branson)

Dennis Stroughmatt (Incredible French Creole fiddler)

Chris Daring (Texas)

Betty Breck (Old-time fiddler from South Dakota)

Jay Kelly (Atkinson, Nebraska)

GUITAR PULL (all welcome)

John Duttwiler (West Burlington, Iowa)

Dave Elifrits (St. Joseph, Missouri)

Roger Kenaston (Lyon, Nebraska)

Lee Muller (Americus, Kansas)

David Green (Avoca, Iowa)

Sandy Good (Decorah, Iowa)


Kathy Graeve (Neola, Iowa)

Art Peterson (El Cerrito, California)

Gary McKiver (from Michigan)

HARMONICA HOWL (all welcome)

Rick Andersen (Underwood, Iowa)

Charlie Davis (Decatur Nebraska)

Don Grubb (Faribault, Minnesota)

Fred Larson (Council Bluffs, Iowa)

Walt Peterson (Sioux City, Iowa)

Bob Banks (Mapleton, Iowa)





Holiday Inn Express - 712-546-1700

Baymont Inn - 712-548-4910

America's Best Value - 712-546-8800

Amber Inn - 712-546-7066

Guesthouse (in Marcus) - 712-376-4844

Frontier (in Remsen) - 712-786-1419

Super-8 (in Orange City) - 712-737-2600


Days Inn - 712-258-8000

Holiday Inn - 712-277-9400

Comfort Inn - 712-274-1300

Super-8 - 712-274-1520

Mariott Fairfield Inn - 712-276-5600



This amazing festival has been in existence since 1976.  The first location was in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  After six years there, the fairboard demanded that they set up a beer tent.  Bob Everhart refused to allow that to happen, so they kicked the festival out.  They ran a counter-competitive one for two years.  Bob Everhart moved the festival to the Pottwattamie County Fairgrounds, where it was located for 21 years.  After a complete change in the fairboard and hugely exorbitant increases in rent and fees, it was moved to the Harrison County Fairgrounds in Missouri Valley, Iowa.  It was there for five years, but a dispute between the city and the fair caused the event to move again, this time to its current location at the Plymouth County Fairgrounds in LeMars, Iowa.


Celebrities scheduled for 2013:

Joanne Cash (Johnny Cash's younger sister) - Dr. Harry Yates (founder of Cowboy Church in Nashville) - Highroad - Terry Smith - Barbara Fairchild - Mickey Gilley - Kenny Seratt - Roger Tibbs (NZ) - Greta Elkin (N. Ireland) - Gordon Wilcox (Canada) - Boxcar Willie Jr. - Storm Seymour - Michael Thoma - Red Johnson - Betty Rydell - Dave Wilburn & Ron Wilburne -

Celebrities scheduled for 2012:

Roe Family Singers - Lynn Anderson - Michael Martin Murphey - Terry Smith - Jake Simpson - Charley McCoy (he's coming back from France) - Terry Lewsader (from Calif.) - George Rogers - Reg Benoit (from Canada) - Ed Bruce - June Webb - John Rex Reeves (Jim Reeves nephew) - Norville Dollar - Ted Vigil (he's still coordinating dates)  - Bobby Atkins - Bill Atterberry - Don Hupp - Red Johnson - Ben Steneker from Holland - Greta Elkin from Ireland - Dave Wilburn from Virginia


Performers scheduled for 2012:

Rick & Harriette Andersen (Ia) - Ron Affolter (Mo) - Annie & Teri Avery (Ia) - Jacob Austin Band (Tx)- Bobby & Joy Awe (Ia) - David Anderson (Mo)- Bluegrass Playground Band (Ne) - Paul & Collette Burnett (Ia) - Rich Bellert (Mn) - Sean Benz (Mn) - Pat & Wayne Boilesen (Ne) - Bruce Bernhart (Mn) - Bonnie & Bob Banks (Ia) - Matt Boone & Friends (Tn)  - Thomas Craven (Ne() - Crystal River Band (Ok) - Roger Christiansen & 25 Accordion Band (SD) - Brenda Cohn (Ne) - Lee Ola & Richard Carr (Tx) - Donna Cunningham (Oh) - Harold Condray (Mo) - John Cox (Ne) - Ron Cimmiyotti (Ia) - Janet Cline (Ne) - The entire cast of the Chicken House Opry (Ar) - Geno Dunn (Tx) - Donnie DeCamp (Ia) - Sherril Douglas (Ok) - Don Diemer (Co) - Ronnie Dean (Tn) - Scott Davison & Friends (Ia) - Dakota Prairie Cloggers (SD) - John & Marjorie Duttwiler (Ia) - Ed & Kathy Dovel (Ne) - Down Home Dulcimers (Ia) - Danny & Donna Dee (Ia) - Dan Danileson (Ne)  - Anna Erickson & Band (Mn) - Dale & Caroline Eichor (Ia) - Lyle Edwards (Ia) - Greta Elkin (Ireland) - Thea Ennen (Wi) - Chad Elifrits (Mo) - Dave Elifrits (Ne) - Bob & Sheila Everhart (Ia) - Jeremie Faga (Ia) - Barb & Dale Frazier (Ia) - Joyce Fratt (Ne) - Paul Flora (Tx) - Jack Ferguson (Ia) - Wilber Foss (SD) - Froemming Family (Mn) - Elton Flodman (Ne) - Teressa Franken (Ne) - Sylvia Griffith (Ne) - Don & Diane Grubb (Mn) - Sandy & Charley Good & Band (Ia) - Kathy Graeve & group (Ia) - David Green (Ia) - Marcia Greve (Ne) - Ira Grace (Ar) - Emma Lin Heyen (Ia) - Tommy & Faith Helms (Tx) - Deb Harkness (Wi) - Scotty Howard (Ok) - Francis & Jeannie Hahn (Ia) - Dean Hudlow (Tx) - Highway 52 Bluegrass Band (Mo) - Eldon Hardekopf (Ia) - Clarence Hayden (Mo) - Bill Hendren (Ia) - Billy D. Hunter (NJ)- Jim Hughes (WV) - Jerry & Maggie Hughes (WV) - Shari Hornbeck (Ia) - Dale Hafer (Mi) - Merlyn Hansen (Ia) - Horn Twins (Ok) - Lawrence & Donna Harms (Mo) - I-35 Bluegrass Band (Mo) - Johansen Sisters (Ne) - Wally James (Fl) - Audrey Johannsen & Silver Dollar Band (Ia)- Andy Juhl (Ia) - Jim & Dave (WV) - Larry Jones (Ne) - Mark & Sue Jenkins (Ne) - Bob Kenaston (Ne) - Kenaston Family (Ne) - Tammy Klingensmith (Ia) - Kramer Sisters (Ne) - Kooi Family (Ia) - Bob Keim (Ne) - Allen Karl (Md) - Jay & Joyce Kelly (Ne) - Wade Leggett (Tx) - Freddy Larson (Ia)- Jim & Bev Lillo (Oh) - Bill Lear (Mo) - James Lieder (Ar) - Terry Lewsader (Ca) - Kenny & Janette Luellen (Ne) - Arlyn & Marge Lund (Ia) - Wendy Longtin (Ia) - Jack Langley (Ia) - Paul & Mattie Maloy (Ok) - Shirley McCord (Ia) - Michael Murphy (Ne) - Movylene (Ia) - Chari Miles (Mi) - Jerry, Sharon, Bernie Mescher Bones (Ia) - Skip Muhm Git Fid Band (Ne) -Ivan Martin (Canada) - Lee & Deanna Muller (Ks) - Rayne Magill (Ia) - Keith Miller (Ia) - Jim & Judy Malone (Ne) - Gaylen Meriwether (Ks) - Bobby Miles (Fl) - Matney Sisters (Ne) - Paul Martinez (Tx) - Jerry Neeman (Ne) - Bill Nish (Ne) - Arnie & Ruby Nwewquist (Ne) - Gloria Nihart (Mn) - Bob Nairn (Ia) - Laurie Larsen & the Outback Band (Ne) - One on the Mountain (WV) - Outta Gas (Ne) - Ophoven Family (Mn) - Kenny & Marie Oseth (Ia) - Big john Pedersen (Tx) - Janie Preston (Tx) - Claude Pinkley (Ne) - Dawn Petty (Ks) - Ervin Pickhinke (Ia) - Walt Peterson (Ia) - Elaine Peacock (SD) - Art Peterson (Ca) - Maria Petersen (Ne) - Mary Channer Paul (Ne) - Richards Family (this family has 13 children) (Ne) - Thurman Rinehart (OK) - Bob Richter & the Rancheros (Ne)  - Wayne Roberts (Ia) - Betty Rydell (Mn) - Dwayne Reed Family (Ne) - Abe Reddekopp (Mo) - Leon Seiter (Mi) - Raldo Schneider (Ia)- Jerry Schafer (Mi) - Silver Wings Band (Canada) - Kathy Smith (Ia) - Larry Schafer Larimiah (Ia) - Jerry Stevenson (Mo) - Storm Seymour (Ia) - Sundown Pete (NM) - Jake Simpson (Ok) - Smokey Smith (Ia)  - Janine Sherry (Mn) - Walter Schuver & Band (Ia) - Larry Seldon (Mn) - Christian Scholl (SD) - Jackie Shewey (Ne) - Chris Schurman (Ia) - Andy Stanley (Mi) - Tom Smith (Tn) - Ben Steneker (Holland) - Bertha Swatzell & Crew (Tx) - Jerome & Shirley Shelton (Mn)  - Larry Schafer (Ia) - Angie Senger (Mn) - This Side of Sunday Band (Ia) - Don Taft (Ia) - Don Taylor (Mo) - Frank Tuma (Ia) - Austin Truax & Silvertip Band (Fl) - James Urbauer Family (Ne) - Cindy Uden (Ne) - Sandy Uttley (Pa) - Ted Vigil (Or) - Darrell Veencamp (Ia) - Dale Wayman (Ia)- Gary & Janet Weideman (Ia) - Ron Wilburne (Va) - Perk Washenberger (Ia) - Sue West (Wi) - Tom & Bernie Worrell (Fl) - Nathan Wheeler (Ia)- Troy Way (Ne) - Paul Wold (Ne) - Bobby Yates (Fl) - Donnie Young (Mo) -

Celebrities scheduled for 2011: Charley Boyter and a complete "Down-Under Australian Country Music Show" - Jim Ed Brown, Grand Ole Opry - Chicken House Opry from Mountain View - Norville Dollar TV host from St.Louis - Peter Danny Daskalov  from Czech Republic - Bob & Charyl Duff a fundraiser auctioneer from California - Greta Elkin from North Ireland, Europe's finest yodeler - Johnny Ray Gomez perhaps mid-America's finest accordionist - Red Johnson recorded "There's A Grand Ole Opry Show Somewhere" for Capitol Records - Sherwin & Pam Linton recorded "The Cotton Kings" - Little Roy Lewis & Lizzy Show  from Georgia, of the famous Lewis Family - Michael Montana grandson of Patsy Montana, hosts a tribute to his grandmother -Eddie Pennington from Kentucky picks like Merle Travis true champion - Betty Rydell popular vocalist from Minnesota - Walker & Bill Rainey from Nashville, DJ with show around the world - Jake Simpson Fantastic young fiddler from Oklahoma - -Joyce Shaffer Colorado vocalist for patriotism - Ben & Carmen Steneker Holland's 'father of country music -Terry Smith wrote "Far Side Banks of Jordan" for Johnny & June Carter Cash - Smokey Smith Mr. Country Iowa very famous promoter and performer - June Webb from Florida, performed with Roy Acuff and Hank Williams Sr.

Performers scheduled for 2011: The Jacob Austin Band (Tx); Annie & Teri Avery (Ia); Bobby & Joy Awe (Ia); Ron Affolter (Mn); Rick & Harriette Andersen (Ia); David Andersen (Mo); Pat & Wayne Boilesen (Ne); Matt Boone (Tn); Kenneth Brinton (Ne); Naomi Bristow (Canada); Paul & Collette Burnett (Ia); Shirley Butt (Canada); Bruce Bernhart (Mn); Jim Ed Brown (Tn); Bonnie & Bob Banks (Ia); Rich Bellert (Mn); David Lewis Beck (Ks); Charley & Sandra Boyter (Australia); Peter & Dianne Lindsay (Australia); Ken & Mandy Lindsay (Australia); Jamie Davis (Tasmania); Sean Benz (Mn); Chicken House Opry (Ar); Punjo Reed (Tx); Lucy Jackson (Tx); Mike Osborn (Ar); Ike Thurn (Ar); Kathy Voss (Ar); Marvin Judd (Ar); John & Paula Nordrum (Ar); Jerry & Helen McCullough (Ar); Loyd & Nora Stephens (Ar); Dar May (Ar); Jay & Patty Kent (Ar); Junior Fulks (Ar); Jane Parker (Ar); T.J. Casey (Mt); Jim Reader (Canada); Janet Cline (Ne); Duane Miller (Ne); Crystal River (Ok); Cookie Eller (Ok); Jody Bill Green (Ok); Stan Gray (Ok); G.C. Moore (Ok); Herb Battenfield (Ok); Kathy Cash (Tn); Harold Condray (Mo); John Cox (Ne); Thomas & Dorothy Craven (Tx); Peter Danny Daskalov (Czech Republic); Bob & Charyl Duff (Ca); Geno Dunn (Tx); John & Marjorie Duttwiler (Ia); Don Diemer & Sarah Clark (Co); Down Home Dulcimers (Ia); Fred & Dorothy Techau (Ia); Dakota Prairie Cloggers (SD); Erica Howell (SD); Maynard & Debbie Dahl, (Ia); Dan Danielson (Ia); Norville Dollar (Mo); H C Derksen (Ia); Scott Davison (Ia); Donnie DeCamp (Ia); Danny & Donna Dee (Ia); Ed & Kathy Dovel (Ne); Dale & Caroline Eichor (Ia); Lyle Edwards (Ia); Chad Elifrits (Mo); Dave Elifrits (Ne); Greta Elkin (North Ireland); Anna Erickson (Mn); Bob & Sheila Everhart (Ia); Scott & Anna Froemming and 5 children (Mn); Flickertail Holler (ND); Seth Mulder (ND); Teressa Franken (Ne); Mike Felten (Il); Paul Flora (Tx); Wilbur Foss (SD); Barb & Dale Frazier (Ia); Joyce Fratt (Ne);  Jordan & Ray Garner (Australia);Johnny Ray Gomez (Ne); Bonnie Guitar (Wa); Charley & Sandy Good (Ia); Don Grubb (Ia); Marcia Greve (Ne); Kathy Graeve (Ia); Highway 52 (Ia); Annie Rude (Ia); Horn Twins (Ok); Cody Heeren (Ia); Lawrence & Donna Harms (Mo); Merlyn Hansen (Ia); Francis & Jeannie Hahn (Ia); Homeward Bound (Ia); Helen Weselmann (Ia); Clarence Hayden (Mo); Emma Lin Heyen (Ia); Tom Hawk (Md); I-35 Bluegrass Band (Mo); Jeremy Peiter (Mo); Red & Flo Johnson (Mn); Audrey Johannsen (Ia); Mark & Sue Jenkins (Ne); Wally James (Fl); Jones Boy's Band (Ia); Rick & Michael Jones (Ia); Paul & Linda Johnson & 5 children (Ia); Johansen Sisters (Ne); Julie Couch (Ne); Andy Juhl (Ia); Tammy Klingensmith (Ia); Kenaston Family (Ne); Roger & Sharon Kenaston (Ne); Vanessa Kenaston (SD); Bob Kenaston (Ne); Jay & Joyce Kelly (Ne); Bob Keim (Ne); Kramer Sisters (Ne); Janet Jeffries Beaurais (Ne); Kanesville Boys (Ia); Perry Burkum (Ia); Jill Devault (Ia); Matt Dickinson (Ia): Coner giles (Ia); James Nordmeyer (Ia); Danny Sabra (Ia); KG & The Ranger (Wi); Karen Gogolick (Wi); Rick Roltgen (Wi); Terry & Julie Kooi & 4 children (Ia); Little Roy Lewis & Lizzy (Ga); The Link Family & 5 children (Mo); Sherwin & Pam Linton (Mn); Wayne & Wendy Longtin (Ia); Kenny & Janete Luellen (Ne); Jim & Bwev Lillo (Oh); Bill Lear (Mo); Fred Larson (Ia); Jack Langley (Ia); Marge & Arlyn Lund (Ia); Maggie Mae (Wi); Bill Marnin (Ia); Mason Jar (Ia); Michael Murphy (Ne); Lee & Deanna Muller (Ks); Movylene (Ia); Cincy Moriston & Rick (Ia); Michael Montana (Al); Keith Miller (Ia); Chari Miles (Mi); Jerry & Sharon Mescher (Ia); Ben McClure (Ia); Paul & Mattie Maloy (Ok); Jim & Judy Malone (Ne); Rayne Magill & Family (Ne); Matney Sisters (Ia); Jamie Nutt (Ne); Dan McElroy (Ne); Arnie & Ruby Newquist (Ne); Jody Nix (Tx); Bill "Hoot" Nish (Ia); Jerry Neeman (Ne); Kenny & Marie Oseth (Ia); One on the Mountain (WV); Jim Hughes (WV); Jerry & Maggie Hughes (WV); Red Shoen (Tx); Shirley McCord (Tx); Molli & Jerry Ophoven & 4 children (Mn); Elaine & Paul Peacock (SD); Walt Peterson (Ia); Janie Preston (Tx); Mary Channer Paul (Ne); Maria & Roger Petersen (Germany); Ervin Pickhinke (Ia); Art Peterson (Ca); The Punches Family (Mo); Jonathan Lee Pickens (NM); Eddie Pennington (Ky); Betty Rydell (Mn); Thurman Rinehart (Ok); Dwayne Reed Family (Ne); Abe Reddekopp (Mo); Poppy Rasmussen (Wi); Rancheros (Ia); Bob Richter (Ia); Lawson Rudd (In); Walker & Bill Rainey (Tn); Ralph & Nathan Stanley (Va); Jerry Schafer (Mi); Chris Schurman (Ne); Jake Simpson (Ok); Tom Smith (Tn); Jerome & Shirley Shelton (Mn); Jeremiah Strohl (Ne); Jerry Stevenson (Mo); Bertha & Mary Swatzell (Tx); Jim Savarino (WV); Sundown Pete (NM); Joyce Shaffer (Co); Harv Schmid (Ne); Jackie Shewey (Ne); Larry Seldon (Mn); Jeannie Seely (Tn); Ben & Carmen Steneker (Holland); Terry Smith (Tn); Christian Scholl (SD); Silver Creek Cloggers (Ia); Jerry & Sharon Hytrek (Ia); Kathy Smith (Ia); Andy Stanley (Mi); Smokey Smith (Ia); Walt Schuver & Old Friends Band (Ia); Leon Seiter (Mi); Janine Sherry (Mn); Larry Schafer Larimiah (Ia); Hank Singleton (Al); Sandy Creek Pickers (Ne); John & Jason Shaw (Ne); Josh Slone & Coal Town (Ky); Don Taylor (Mo); Don Taft (Ia); Frank Tuma (Ia); This Side of Sunday (Ia); Dwayne Riche (Ia); James Urbauer Family (Ne); Sandy Uttley (Pa); Darrell Veencamp (Ia); Gary & Janet Weideman (Ia); Gordon Wilcox (Canada); Paul Wold (Ne); Troy Way (Ia); Tom & Bernie Worrell (Fl); June Webb (Fl); Perk Washenberger (SD); Bobby Yates (Fl); Maynard Zipf (Ne)


There are ten stages functioning for seven days, accommodating a massive number of performing artists, well over 650, in an acoustic format.  This means electric guitars (the exception being the bass), drums, karaoke, synthesizers, and sound-altering devices are not allowed.  Our destination in music is "EXCELLENCE"  It always has been, and it will continue to be.  Excellence to us means doing something very common in a very uncommon way.  We want the very best entertainers that we can get to perform for our audience.  BUT, we also want to keep our open door policy of providing beginners a good stage to perform on, an opportunity to share their talent, new as it might be, and encourage them every step of the way to join all of us who are in pursuit of excellence. There is always something new at this event, always something exciting, and always something incredibly entertaining.  This of course would not be possible without an audience, our friends, our families, our helpers, our volunteers, our fellow performers, and our supporters.  We hope you have the most fun ever, and if you don't like what's going on at one stage, simply move to another.  It's a constant parade of some of the best old-time traditional classic country, folk, and bluegrass music you're going to find anywhere else on planet earth.  Sometimes it comes from another country, maybe the country your original ancestors came from. What we consistently try to do, is to keep it 'country' and by that we mean the old styles, the old traditions, the old culture, the 'rural' conotation, whatever got us to this point in time.



For a seven-day 9am-midnight festival presented on no less than ten stages, the cost of seeing this event, which includes all the celebrities and all the extras like a Tipi Village; workshops; showcases; free watermelon; free ice cream; free pot-luck; is incredibly low.  Following are the latest prices.

One day admission for single adult $15 (Mon-Thur) $20 (Fri-Sun) Under 17 is free

Seven-day pass is $70 

RV Camping on a nice flat grass surface - $15 per day with electricity

RV & Tent Camping under shade trees - without electricity - $10 per day

Arts & Crafts rental space 10'x`10' Indoor locked building $70 for duration. 10'x20' indoor flea market $70. Outdoors  flea market (you provide canopy) 20'x40', $70 which includes one free 7-day gate pass



WRIST BANDS should be worn (or at least visible on your body) at all times, especially if you are leaving the grounds or entering at the main gate.

PETS are allowed and welcome at the festival.  You have to keep them on a leash, and do not take them inside the buildings or in the food court area.  Lots of grass for them to run.  PLEASE pick up after them.

WATER TAPS are available to fill your water tanks free of charge.  There are several locations on the grounds, but they must remain open for all, so please do not hook-up and then not disconnect.  It's a sharing situation.

DUMP STATION is just outside the grounds on the main road as you turn left to exit. It's right across the road from Archies Waeside Restaurant.  It's free.

PUMPER TRUCKS are available to pump your RV on site, but they must be called. They do come on a regular basis, usually it's about $25 a pump.

GARBAGE CONTROL Sheila and I have to clean the grounds after you leave, so PLEASE help us by putting your trash in the receptacles provided.  Thank you very much!

TOILETS & SHOWERS are available at three locations.  Outside entrance between the Main Stage and Dance Hall; the newest and largest is by the Round Barn, and more beneath the huge grandstand.  Toilets are everywhere.

CAR PARKING is in designated areas only.  The fee is still $2 a day to park your vehicle on the fair grounds.  Your cars are free if they come in with your RV, but you must park them close to your camper at all times.  Do not park in any fire lanes, or blocking a road or someone else's vehicle, or anywhere near the food court.

RV CAMPING is first come first serve for electric hook-ups.  Camping with electric hook-up is $15 per day. That means the 30-amp disappears first.  You can run an air conditioner on 20-amp, but not any other electrical devices at the same time.  We have a generator area, and lots of dry camping spots which includes tents. There are water taps available to fill your tanks, and there is a free dump station just across the road from the fairgrounds.

MOTELS Holiday Inn Express 712-546-1700; Baymont Inn 712-546-4910; America's Best Value 712-546-8800; Guesthouse (in Marcus, Iowa) 712-376-4844; Amber Inn 712-546-7066

FREE FOOD This is one of the very few events you will go to that provides free food. There's usually something available at the Tipi Village all the time, but you have to accept what's cooking in the big pot.  There is a free pot-luck on Sunday evening just prior to the Monday start of the festival.  All can share, it's main purpose is to treat our volunteers and helpers.  Bring side dishes or whatever you can. There is also free watermelon and free ice cream on designated days.  Watch for this at the festival.

ARTS AND CRAFTS space available for anyone wanting to sell things.  We appreciate and favor anything that is of a pioneer nature, but we have room for all EXCEPT we do not want noise making items, or items of a sexual or violence nature.  No guns or knives allowed.  It costs $70 for the week, 10'x10' indoors for the duration (same amount of money we pay per square footage) or a 20'x40' outdoor flea market space (you provide canopy), or a 10'x20' indoor flea market space for $70. For those setting up vendor spaces, please unload your vehicles first and remove them from your location, and then finish settin up.

FESTIVAL FOOD We believe we have some of the best festival food available at any event in America.  All of it is top-notch, and delicious.  All of the vendors pass strict Iowa State food serving laws.  Try Ken Wright's amazing char-broiled steaks.  You'll agree they are the best ever.  He has pork chops and many other meat items, all served in dinner form or just as a sandwich.  Culver's Restaurants is one of Iowa's most popular eating establishments.  They serve a 'butter burger' that will make you think twice about eating at any other fast food restaurant anywhere.  They fry their burgers in butter. Their full menu is available at the festival.  From Oklahoma the Longhorn provides excellent chicken and fish, Mexican food and tacos, along with a stunning array of potato and soft drink options.  And don't miss the 1919 root beer stand.  Delicious tap style home-made rootbeer combined with Blue Bunny ice cream makes for a memory. Don't forget there's some amazingly good restaurants in LeMars, the most famous and oldest is just a short walk to the corner of the fairgrounds.  Archie's Waeside is a steakhouse supreme.  Try their aged meats, you'll agree.  Try them all.

CD'S AND BOOKS FOR SALE We can't begin to tell you how important it is to musicians and performers to sell CD's to their fans.  In today's world, this is how they put gas in the gas tank, and cheeseburgers in the stomach.  There is always an unusually high number of CD's and books for sale at this event.  Do try to take home as many as you possibly can.  Don't forget, Christmas is just around the corner, and you couldn't provide Grandma or Grandpa with a nicer small gift than one that features the music they love to listen to.  And for kids, there's lots of recording artists that have CD's just for them.  Great old songs too, even Bob & Sheila have some CD's they did for kids, featuring songs like "Down in the Valley"  Visit their table and see.  Take home some fun, some old-time entertainment, a gift that goes on remembering....for you.

HALL OF FAME INDUCTIONS & MUSIC AWARDS One of the things that YOU do that impresses our visitors is the standing ovations you give our performers when they win a contest, or are inducted into the Hall of Fame, or won an award from the Rural Roots Music Commission.  You started this very satisfying gesture yourself, and it also gives you a chance to stretch your legs.  So, we have lots of that going on this year, so keep up the good work, and continue to impress everyone that crosses our stages.

OAK TREE OPRY is located in Anita, Iowa, and it is still running at full steam.  We still have some excellent shows coming up at this little performance center.  Come see us at the Oak Tree, and catch our regulars at the festival all over the place; Bob & Sheila Everhart; Rick & Harriette Andersen; Francis Hahn; Marge Lund; and Jackie Shewey.

ADVERTISERS you hear this same plea from all the festivals you attend.  Please patronize our advertisers.  It's the same here in LeMars, everything from a cheap place to get a hair-cut to one of the best meals in town.  We have some wonderful sponsors, and their ads appear in the program we give out at the gate.  Please take time to visit them, and note the new ones this year like museums and shows that you would not normally know about.  Spend a few dollars with them, and hopefully that will encourage them to allow us to do the festival here in LeMars for a long time.






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