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creators of the"Traveling Museum of Music" & "A History of America's Rural Music," & their newest program "The Smithsonian Remembers When."

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 LISTEN TO SOME OF OUR MUSIC AT "Dear Grand Ole Opry" surrounding the furor raised by Blake Shelton who called everyone who won't buy his cd's 'old farts and jackasses.'  a London,England, website created by English fans, for a number of songs. Try "My Sweet Love Ain't Around"

Or, try one of our originals with a little photo trip to the Smithsonian, "Nothing Is Small"

or at Smithsonian-Folkways, type in Bob Everhart - Listen to 6 CD projects

 or at I-Tunes - Listen to "Nothing Is Small"

or at You Tube.  Click up 'You Tube', and then click Bob Everhart - "Down In Old Mexico" and "Nothing Is Small."

We would really appreciate it if you are thinking of booking us, or want to know what our 'live' concerts are like....please please call some of the places we have performed. We had a terrific time in Florida, please call Chris Brown at the Manatee Village at 941-741-4075; or Debby Schockey at the prestigious Willow Theater in Boca Raton at 561-347-3902; or Arlene Boumel at the Big Picture in Davies at 954-252-5644





Join Bob & Sheila for a great entertainment treat



May 27 - Big John & Connie Pedersen, Special tribute to Ernest Tubb by Bob & Sheila, Oak Tree, Anita, Iowa

June 10 - Open for T. J. Casey from Montana, Oak Tree, Anita, Iowa, Bob does Willie Nelson

June 11 - MacNider Arts Festival (at museum) 9am-10:30am opening ceremonies, Mason City, Ia

June 16-17 - Howard Rasmussen's Lake Crystal Country Fest, Lake Crystal, Minn.

June 18 - Bob goes to Norfolk, Nebr., to spend some time with an old musician he used to work with, Dave Berg, who wound up being Jay Leno's producer on the Tonight show

June 23-24-25-26 - Kenastons's Festival, Wahoo, Nebr., tons of great talent here!

June 28 - Pancake Days in Butte, Nebr., for the museum.  Super celebration!

June 30 - Bob & Sheila open for Gloria Nihart's Old Time Gospel Show, Stewartville, Minnesota

July 1 - Open for Jacob Austin Band from Texas, Oak Tree, Anita, Iowa, Bob does Hank Snow

July 3 - The beginning of our 'Dakotas Tour' Main Library Auditorium, Bismarck, North Dakota

July 4 - Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora, North Dakota

July 5 - Opera House, Wessington Springs, SD 7pm, South Dakota

July 6 - Main Library Performance Room, Aberdeen, South Dakota

July 7 - Community Room, Main Library, Huron, South Dakota

July 8 - State Capital special outdoor concert, Pierre, South Dakota

July 9 - Yankton Performing Arts Center, Yankton, South Dakota

July 15 - Open for Chari Hildebrand and Red Johnson, Oak Tree, Anita, Iowa, Bob does Bill Monroe

July 29-30 - Open for Terry Smith from Nashville, Oak Tree, Anita, Iowa, Bob does Gene Autry and Roy Rogers & some other western style artists

July 31 - Open for Terry Smith, Baptist Church, Wall Lake, Iowa

Aug 5 - Open for David Green at the Oak Tree Opry, Bob does a tribute to Roy Acuff

Aug 19 - Open for Lucy Jackson at the Oak Tree Opry, Bob does a tribute to Uncle Dave Macon

Aug 29-Sept 4 - National Old Time Country Festival, LeMars, Iowa

Sept 9 - Open for Buffalo Gals (from England) Oak Tree, Anita, Iowa, Bob does Merle Haggard

Sept 11 - Larson-Armstrong House special concert, Britt, Iowa

Sept 23 - Open for Ervin Pickhinke at the Oak Tree Opry, Bob does a tribute to Jimmie Rodgers

Sept 30/Oct 1-2 - Rural Music Gathering Festival, Fremont, Nebr

Oct 7 - Musser Public Library, Muscatine, Iowa

Oct 8 - Mills Seed Store (huge building), Washington, Iowa

Oct 14 - Open for Don Joy & Melanie Lynn at the Oak Tree, Anita, Iowa, Bob does Woody Guthrie

Oct 28 - Open for Dale Eichor at the Oak Tree Opry in Anita. Bob does Bob Everhart


Please note that not all dates have been confirmed - check with us first before attending!




     Have been performing old-time and traditional acoustic music in the "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" style for all 23 years of their married life.  Bob has already celebrated his 50th year in music.  He is proficient on his Martin 12-string guitar, French-harp, and lead vocals as well as country style humor and is a storytelling raconteur.  Sheila plays the upright acoustic doghouse bass, fiddle, and clog dances in the style of her Ozark Mountain ancestors.  They have one daughter, Bobbie Lhea, born October 3, 1996.  They make their summer home in the rural village of Anita, Iowa.  (However, they spend most of their winters on tour.). They have devoted their lives to the preservation and performance of America's rural country music, in their words...."the real deal when it comes to an authentic musical genre."  They have conducted a huge number of concerts for festivals, symphony halls, opera houses, museums, schools, libraries, and home concerts, built around the hisorical aspects of America's early music on the frontier.  The music of the settlers and homesteaders of the great plains and prairie lands.  Their own ancestors are part of this incredible historically accurate 'audio picture' of America's precious rural music of the past.  The Smithsonian calls their concert a "Traveling Museum of Music"  Their songs and the manner in whcih they play them reflect the true American innovative method of oral tradition, with their own creativity blended in.  These Smithsonian Institution recording artists have become one of the most 'in-demand' acts of this nature in the upper midwest, and have received tremendous accolades and honors from their peers as well as international fans.  They are listed with the John F. Kennedy Performance Arts Center for special Diplomatic Corp. presentations as well as Governmental programs.  They record for the prestigious Smithsonian Institution, located in Washington DC, with six successful projects released on the Smithsonian-Folkways label.  One of those releases "Time After Time" was a Grammy nomination.  Bob worked closely with, and became a lifelong friend of Moses Asch, the founder of Folkways Records in New York City, and also befriended Marjorie Guthrie, widow of Woody Guthrie, who became a fan of his, attending Everhart's old-time music festival the remaining years of her life.  She gave Bob an old guitar her husband Woody once played.  It is now on display in their Pioneer Music Museum.  Marjorie also insisted Bob perform on the Oklahoma City Woody Guthrie Festival with Earl Scruggs.

     Bob & Sheila have recorded an additional six successful CD's for Prairie Music Records, with re-releases on Condor Records in Canada, and numerous labels in Europe.  The Everharts have performed their one-of-a-kind show around the world, from China to the North Pole (Bob was on an Arctic-Dewline Replenishment Expedition while in the Navy).  From behind the Iron Curtain to performing with the Symphony in New Zealand.  From "Hamburger in Paradise" in the Caribbean, to Australia in the Pacific.  And of course across the United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Canada to Mexico.  Bob also served as the radio station manager of KJNO radio in Juneau, Alaska, for three years.  He also produced, hosted, and performed on the PBS national television show "Old Time Country Music," for seven years.  He produced and performed on a syndicated radio show called "The Old Time Music Hour" to a large group of radio stations in Iowa, and also produced and performed on "Bus Stop" a locally produced television show taped in an old-time cafe featuring old-time acoustic music.  Attend one of their concerts, enjoy yourself, and find a unique and very rare entertainment offering, that can only come from the 'real' country.  Use their e-mail address at to contact them, or call them at 712-762-4363, (their cell phone when traveling is 712-249-5989) or write them a letter at P. O. Box 492, Anita, Iowa, 50020.  You won't be sorry, and neither will the audience you are arranging entertainment for.



2015 was a year of tremendous activity and dedication as Bob celebrated 50 years of actively performing as a professional musician, and 40 years of directing the largest old-time music festival in the upper Midwest of America.  Working with Anita Bryant was a real treat, along with her husband Charlie Dry an astronaut on the Apollo missions.

2014 had some interesting happenings, not the least of them working with John Carter Cash, Larry Cordle, LuLu Roman,  David Davis & the Warrior River Boys, Larry Gillis & Swampgrass, and more than 600 other incredibly talented performers of America's old-time, traditional, and classic country music.  Through careful management, we were able to bring the Oak Tree Opry back to its former position of being in the black.  We performed concerts in Iowa of course, but also South Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska.  Our festival in LeMars had a lot of rain, but it didn't keep the folks who love real classic and traditional country music from coming.  We are looking forward to 2015, it's our 40th year, with one person at the helm through all that.  Pretty remarkable considering Bob's age and 'busy elsewhere' activity.  Thanks to Sheila, the 'show must go on' and she does a good job making sure that happens.  A super great article written by the publisher of the Iowa History Journal, Michael Sanger, which  came out in Nov-Dec, 2015. will take you to it.   

    In 2013, Bob & Sheila set up a massive tour, performing first through Illinois, then Georgia, and a very busy Florida. Highlights included CafĂ© Evergreen in Warm Mineral Springs, Flamingo Island, Moccasin Lake Nature Park, Seabird Sanctuary Fund Raiser in Sarasota, Florida Manitee Festival in Crystal River, they toured Jamaica and the Grand Caymans, Southwest Florida Heritage Festival in Crowley, Lion Country Safari Concert in West Palm Beach, Horse Country Concert in Miami, Broward Folk Club in Davie, Heritage Days in Bradenton, climaxing the tour with a very impressive venue in Boca Raton, the Willow Theater. A quick trip to St. Paul, Mn to visit with Michael Nesmith, and then their regular summer schedule. They enjoyed very much performing with the Roys (from Nashville), Leona Williams, Roger Tibbs (from New Zealand), Joanne Cash (Johnny Cash's younger sister); Dr. Harry Yates, Barbara Fairchild, Mickey Gilley, Boxcar Willie Junior, and Kenny Seratt.

       In 2012, Bob & Sheila were on tour in California, and then in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas where they were selected to perform on the American Roots Festival, as well as the Onion Roundup Festival in Weslaco. Their busy year found them performing with Lynn Anderson, Michael Martin Murphey, Charlie McCoy,  and Roy Acuff's vocalist June Webb.

     In 2011, Bob & Sheila were very pleased to be able to perform on the same stage as Jim Ed Brown from the Grand Ole Opry.  Also Little Roy Lewis of the Lewis Family, and his side-kick Lizzy, as well as Eddie Pennington from Kentucky and Terry Smith from Nashville.

     In 2010, Bob & Sheila were asked to be part of Tom & Bernie Worrell's "Tribute to Ted Mack" in Miami, Florida.  The huge program was held in February and was repeated in September at the Everhart's annual festival in LeMars, Iowa, featuring special guests Whispering Bill Anderson from the Grand Ole Opry, and legendary Patti Page of "Tennessee Waltz" fame.  The 'tribute' program was repeated again at LeMars in 2011.

     In 2009, Bob Everhart finished his autobiography, a 500-page book entitled "What I Saw." He wrote it mostly for his daughter Bobbie Lhea, and took him five years to complete it.  In this same year, the Smithsonian Institution released one of Bob's projects, "The Renegade" to a massive buying audience in the bluegrass genre of their Smithsonian-Folkways catalog.

     In 2007 and 2008, Bob & Sheila Everhart spent their winter months performing in New Zealand, under the auspices of Ginny Peters, successful international RCA Victor recording artist, and songwriter/composer for Pegasus Music in New Zealand.  Both 3-month tours were a whirlwind of the two islands, performing at festivals and concert halls.  Ms. Peters opened the door for many New Zealanders when she worked with Cliffie Stone in California.  She arranged for the Everharts to perform with the New Zealand Symphony in Auckland, and also arranged a concert with New Zealand's most famous guitarist, Peter Posa, who had an international hit with "White Rabbit."  The Everharts performed a concert with Mr. Posa, who asked if he could play guitar with them in an 'out-of-retirement' program in Otrohanga, New Zealand.  According to Bob & Sheila, it was one of their most exhilirating experiences to work with Peter Posa, who was part of the 'Rat Pack' meaning Dean Martin; Frank Sinatra; Peter Lawford & Sammy Davis Junior.  The Everharts performed both years on the Country Music Festival in Marton, and also received special recognition from the promoter of that event, Anne George.

     In 2004, the Everharts were bestowed with the "Inspiration Award" for their efforts at preserving and performing old time country music for a new generation.  This prestigious award has been earned by such greats as Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (for their cowboy music style); Highway-101 (for their contemporary style); John Hartford (for his folk style); and Bob and Sheila Everhart (for their traditional and old-time style).  In media, Crook & Chase and the TNT Television Network, have also won this award.  According to Director Gordon Wall, "Bob & Sheila Everhart are the 2004 recipients, and their efforts will live long after them, giving future generations a peek at the past.  We applaud them for their untiring efforts, and those of us who love country music, and it's roots, appreciate their work in traditional and old-time music."

     In 2003, Bob & Sheila Everhart were honored by the State of Iowa Legislature, as Resolution-35 was read aloud attesting to their great perserverance and performance of old-time traditional prairie and bluegrass music, and also honoring their festival of old-time music which they began in 1976.  The entire legislature gave the Everharts a standing ovation applause of appreciation, for their work especially concerning the historical importance of the early settlers and homesteaders in the State of Iowa.  This resolution, in it's entirety can be read in the daily record of the Iowa Legislature.

     In August of 2003, Bob & Sheila were inducted into the South Texas Music Hall of Fame for their contributions both musically and promotional in helping Texas retain it's own identification and preservation of their specific country music style.  The award was presented by Paul & Geneva Martinez.

     In the Dec. 2003/Jan 2004 issue of Midwest Country News, Bob & Sheila were featured in a story which will eventually become a book about performers of the midwest.

     In March of 2002, Bob & Sheila concluded one of their most successful, of many, tours of Europe, ending five months of performances in Portugal.  They took America's great rural musical heritage on a fast moving tour.  Their renditions of midwest rural traditional music, as laid down by Bill & Charlie Monroe during their days of live radio broadcasting in Shenandoah, Iowa 'went down a storm' as they say in Europe.  the Everhart's gave performances in Ireland, North Ireland, Scotland, England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, East Germany, Holland, West Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy Spain, and Portugal.  Affidavits from their tour arrangers are available at any time.

     In November 2002, the Everharts were on tour in China, beginning in Hong Kong, and then to Guangzhou (formerly Canton) for a huge fashion festival, on to Beijing, Xi'an, and Guilin.  They performed in Christian churches when they had the opportunity, to standing room only crowds. This tour was arranged by Gaylen Merriweather through governmental channels both in the United States and in China.  According to the Everharts it was one of the most remarkable tours they have ever made.

     In 2001, while on tour in Europe, the Everharts were acknowledged as the "Entertainers of the Year" in Cologne, Germany.  At the same time, their recording of "Dear Grand Ole Opry" rose to #12 on the European radio charts.

     In 2000, American Profile Magazine, a slick magazine insert in Sunday newspapers with a circulation of over ten-million, ran a story about Bob & Sheila, their music, their devotion to rural musical art forms, and their Pioneer Music Museum.  The full story is available from the American Profile website.

     In August of 2000, Bob & Sheila were stunned to receive the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from CIOFF, an international cultural exchange group.  It was given to them at their annual festival of old time music by Rex Burdette, International Music Festival Director for Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, and also the USA President of CIOFF.  CIOFF was created in France to preserve, perform, and perpetuate traditional music and dance of individual countries.  Their name is Conseil International des Organisations de Festifals de Folklore d' Arts

     Bob and Sheila were the very proud recipients of the Kitty Wells Johnny Wright "Leadership in Country Music" award from this very well known couple in country music.  the Everhart's were also made Tennessee Ambassadors by the Governor of Tennessee, Don Sundquist.

     The Everharts were made Kentucky Colonels very early in their music career.

     You will find the Everharts listed in Who's Who in America; Who's Who in Country Music' Who's Who in International Music, and a dozen or more other reference tomes.

     Bob host/produced the very popular PBS television show "Old Time Country Music" from 1989-1995.  He performed 'with' some of the notables of this genre of music, including Ralph Stanley, John Hartford, Mac Wiseman, Jim & Jesse, Jimmy Martin, Grandpa Jones, Lewis Family, Sons of the San Joaquin, Jay Ungar & Molly Mason, Kenny Baker, Josh Graves, Norman & Nancy Blake, Randy Kohrs, and many more.  the program was taped before a live audience in the state-of-the-arts studios of Iowa Public Television.  The show was so popular, it ran for seven years, and was aired in 22 states, and is currently still in re-runs.

     Bob is the only Iowan to ever be made a 'regular' performer on the Louisiana Hayride.



     Bob was born in the great prairie lands of Nebraska.  He grew up listening, like many of his fellow country artists, to Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams, and Roy Acuff on his dad's car radio.  Out on the prairie, it was a Saturday night gathering to listen to the Louisiana Hayride or the Grand Ole Opry.  Bob's country and folk music life is amazing.  He went on to become the only Iowan ever to be a regular member of the Louisiana Hayride.  He started playing music when he was quite young around age six.  It was the piano first, which was exposed to him when his parents played cards at a neighbors house who had one.  Later in grammer school it was the French Horn, because that was the only instrument available.  He hated it.  then in the Navy he got a guitar in Japan, and being a Radioman on the USS Gen J C Breckenridge, a troop and military-dependent transport ship, he was soon playing in the Captain's Band.  His radio telegraphy abilities in the 6th Fleet, took him all the way to the North Pole on a Dewline Refurbishment Expedition.  At the end of his Navy duty, college days found him at the University of Nebraska.  One of his buddies in Humanities class was Peter Fonda. During college, Bob teamed up with a band called the Royal Flairs, and played the tenor saxophone, all the way to the Gold Coast of Chicago, where his band opened for the likes of the Hollies; Peter & Gordon; Joey Dee & The Starlighters; Herman & the Hermits; John Hammond; Sonny & Cher; and many many more.  He played pool at 4:oclock in the morning with Woody Allen. He was back stage when Bob Dylan switched from an acoustic folk set to an electric set, and watched the people walk out.  He was back stage when the Byrds were getting stage mobbed, and the stage manager started unplugging their guitars.  He saw John McGuin break his acoustic guitar over the stage managers head.  He was with the Rolling Stones on their first tour to America, and felt Mick Jagger moaning about their near disaster tour in Omaha, with his arm around Bob's shoulders worried about the small turnout.  Bob and his band cut the first Wrigley Spearmint Gum High-Ho Hey-Hey commercial, and he worked with Bill Fries for Bozell & Jacobs in Omaha. Bill Fries eventually became known as C. W. McCall for Old Home Bread.  At the same time, Bob became known as Hillbilly Billy for the Kitty Clover Potato Chip Company in Omaha.  Bob is the only Iowan to ever be selected as a regular performer on the famous Lousiana Hayride, performing on the show about three times a year.  Bob Everhart has been one of those quiet entertainers who has never 'sought' fame, but rather has spent the majority of his life honoring and recognizing talent in his fellow performers.  Even though he has been highly honored himself, and could do any musical genre he would like, he has chosen to perform and perpetuate America's rural country music, which has seen many drastic changes in recent years.  According to Bob, "The changes are so drastic, it is no longer recognizable as 'country' music."  Everhart was shot in the head in Chicago during the time he was working on the Gold Coast, which took him away from that scene.  He eventually found himself at a country music contest in Nebraska, winning first place, first in Ainsworth, Nebraska, and finally in Brownsville, Nebraska. He also participated in the Grand Ole Opry's 50th Anniversary Talent Contest in Omaha.  He settled into writing, recording, and performing what he calls 'rural' country music.  He's been on hundreds of television shows, including the Today Show; PM Magazine; Good Morning America; tons of local and regional shows, and even the BBC production "The World About Us."  Bob produced, performed on, and hosted the most successful public television show in Iowa, dedicated to America's rural music. "Old Time Country Music" aired in 22 states, with seven successful years of incredibly well-produced shows, still in re-runs.  He has done tons of radio programs, and even his own "The Old Time Music Hour" was a tremendous syndicated success in the upper midwest.  His self-produced television show "Bus Stop" (devoted entirely to acoustic music) is still in the planning stages.  As a traveling performer and raconteur, he has probably covered more miles than anyone in the business.  His first, and last, love in music is the music of the early country music pioneers. He and Sheila performed with the New Zealand Symphony in Auckland, and they also did a 30-day tour of China, which took them from a fashion festival (they performed before thousands 'live' and millions on China's national television network) in Guangzhou and finally to Bejing. Continually working with and for celebrities, one of his greatest achievements was receiving word from the legendary Patti Page that she would come out of retirement to appear in person at Bob's annual festival, in support of his efforts at keeping traditional and rural country music alive.



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